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Pas International Travel vehicle fleet | Car and bus models

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Pas International Travel offers its customers the best fleet of cars and buses for NCC service, i.e. private car and bus hire with driver or chauffeur.

Our aim is to combine safety and comfort for a relaxing and comfortable journey, both in the case of short trips within the city of Milan and longer journeys throughout Lombardy and beyond.

What are the characteristics of our car fleet?

Travelling must be a pleasure, and it is on the basis of this concept that we have selected the best cars from the Mercedes Benz and Maserati manufacturers and the best minibuses and buses from 8 to 50 seats. Our car/bus rental service with driver and chauffeur is particularly popular because Pas International Travel’s fleet of cars and buses offers:

  • Comfort Comfort: Our NCC car fleet offers a high level of comfort, both in terms of the interior and the driving of the vehicle. Leather seats, air conditioning, and an entertainment system are just a few examples of comfort that customers can appreciate.
  • Sicurezza Safety: Safety is an important factor when choosing a car rental service with driver. Pas International Travel NCC car fleets consist of safe vehicles with safety systems such as airbags, ABS and electronic stability controls.
  • Spazio Space: our coaches and cars are able to meet customers' space requirements. This means that they have both space for passengers and luggage, especially when it comes to long-distance travel or airport transfers.
  • Stile Style: a good chauffeur-driven car hire service must be stylish and the cars well-maintained, to create an image of professionalism and reliability of the rental company.

NCC service: what should you pay attention to before booking?

In addition to the company's reputation when booking an NCC service in Milan, it is important to pay attention to the vehicle fleet: modern, state-of-the-art cars, new coaches and spacious buses with all the comforts are the best guarantee of a comfortable, safe and always pleasant journey. As far as the car fleet is concerned, Pas International Travel recommends paying attention to some elements that we have always taken to heart:

  • Types of cars available: It is important to check what types of cars are available in the company's fleet. This will help you choose the most suitable vehicle for your needs and preferences.
  • Condition of cars: It is important to check the maintenance status of the cars in the company's fleet. Cars should be clean, in good condition and regularly maintained to ensure the safety and comfort of passengers.
  • Car features: Check the car's features, such as the presence of air conditioning, leather seats, high-quality sound system, and other features that can make your journey more comfortable and enjoyable.
  • Car capacity: Make sure that the car you choose can meet your space requirements. For example, if you need to transport a lot of people or luggage, you may need a large car.

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    Viaggio prenotato per meeting. Auto bellissima ed autista Gabriele molto professionale e simpatico. Noleggio top lo consiglio

    Francesco A.
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    Usato per la prima volta, per un sevizio van l’autista Gabriele e rimasta a nostra disposizione per tutta la sera. Ricontatterò sicuramente per altri eventi

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    Azienda al top…. il sig. Stefano è un professionista del settore. Risolve ogni vostra esigenza

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